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Hammock House – “Africa Caribe” – Produced & Mixed by Joaquin “Joe” Claussell

9 Jun

FANIA gives Joe Claussell access to their back catalogue. The result is a stunning two-disc album; the first featuring fresh re-workings of classic Fania tracks, while the second is a live continuous mix.

Released on 27th June 2011

Fania Records announced today the release of a deluxe 2-disc set entitled, Hammock House ‘Africa Caribe’ produced and mixed by the legendary Joaquin “Joe” Claussell. The project is a perfect marriage between old and new, a fresh take on classic sounds from the Fania archives. Late in 2010, Fania Records hand delivered the original multi-track recording tapes in a battered cardboard box to Joe Claussell’s NYC studio. Inside was a round metal reel wrapped with many feet of rolled magnetic tape, and a crumbling “Track Report” sheet from some matter-of-fact day in the 1970s. As Joe ecstatically explained, “When the carrier came to my place with all these boxes, I had an Indiana Jones moment, like when he opens the treasure chest and the glow of gold light shines up on his face. It was miraculous that they were still around, and the history of this stuff is just amazing.”

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